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About Our Merchant Program

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The growth of online comparison shopping is only matched by the growth of public awareness regarding energy efficient electrical products. Customers want energy information displayed in a language they understand – an annual running cost. When a customer visits Save Energy, Save Money Pty Ltd (SESM) we provide them all the information they need to make an informed decision, so by the time they click through to your website they are ready to buy. Therefore we only send you quality leads.

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Signing up is free – there's no minimum monthly spend, no contract, and you can cancel your account at any time. Sign up today and start selling on Australia’s only annual running cost comparison and price comparison website.

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It costs you nothing to list your products on (SESM). You only pay a small referral fee when a customer clicks on your advertisement.

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You have 100% visibility. Through your account login you can run reports to analyse your products performance. Run any date range for top 20 performers and daily click reports so you can monitor performance throughout the month. 

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