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Heating and Cooling


Whatever the weather we’ve got you covered, with all your heating and cooling needs in one place. But we’re not a retailer, we’re a product comparison website, and our aim is to show you how to save money on your electricity bills. That’s because not all heating and cooling appliances are created equal. Some cost a lot more to run than others, so we show you not just the upfront prices but the annual running costs as well. Whether it’s a portable or split-system air conditioner or a panel or column electric heater, we compare all major brands, allowing you to save time and save money as well.

Check out our buying guides to ensure you make the right purchase for your home.

Save Energy Save Money


Save Energy Save Money is a unique product comparison website; the only one of its kind in Australia. We compare price and annual running costs of a huge range of appliances, from fridges and washers to heaters, coolers and kitchen appliances. Our sole aim is to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed buying choices. We believe that once you’ve tried our site and seen how much you can save, you’ll use us every time you buy a new household appliance.


Compare and save on your heating and cooling

Whether you’re after a red hot price or looking for cool ways to save on your energy bills, you’ve come to the right place at Save Energy Save Money. To start saving, simply find the appliance you need, compare annual running costs and then click on Compare Prices to see who has the best price. It’s the new way to save money and reduce your household energy consumption, with Save Energy Save Money, where you can find simple solutions and huge savings every day.


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