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Save money and reduce your electricity bill with an energy-efficient television from Save Energy Save Money. We’ve compared the retail prices and annual running costs on a huge range of flat screen TVs. All the popular brands are here, from LG, Teac and Samsung to Sony, Panasonic and Sharp. Plasma, LED, LCD, small, medium, large and massive screens - we compare them all and show you which ones will save you the most money both upfront and also over their lifetimes.


Save Energy Save Money


Save Energy Save Money is Australia’s only independent product comparison website that compares both the prices and annual running costs of a huge range of products. TVs, fridges, washers, dryers, cookers, heaters, air conditioners; we compare them all so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Whether you want to save money or you’re trying to reduce your household energy footprint, you can do both at Save Energy Save Money.   


Compare and save on your next flat screen TV

Save around $20 a year on your energy bills with an energy-efficient small screen TV, and as much as $40 a year with a large screen TV. Just look for a model that has lower annual running costs and then click on the Compare Prices button to see which retailer has it for the best price. It’s easy to save energy and money on all your major purchases, so click and compare now with Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s best and only comparison site.


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