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What is your privacy policy and terms and conditions of use?

Here are the links to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use. These are always available at the bottom of every page in the saveenergysavemoney.com.au site.


What if I see an error in product information?

Please contact us here. SESM obtains data from a variety of sources and despite our extensive quality assurance processes we know that errors can happen. Any feedback we are provided is greatly appreciated.


How is the annual running cost calculated?

Please click on ‘Usage is defined by these criteria’ at the top of every product page. This will show you what the annual usage is based on for each category.


Is Save Energy, Save Money independent?

Yes, we are completely independent from any manufacturers, retailers or energy companies. We do not receive any funding from any Government agencies, trusts or independent charities. This allows us to operate in a fully independent way to the benefit of consumers and the environment.


How are we funded?

If you click through to a supplier’s page we receive a small cost per click and if you purchase any goods from some suppliers we receive a small commission of the sale. Advertising on our site is available too, for more information please contact us.


Where can I find out more about saveenergysavemoney.com.au?

Check out our About Us page.


I purchased a product through your website and have issues with the product, or the delivery?

You need to contact the supplier that you purchased the product through.





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