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Rebates and Assistance NSW

According to AEMO NSW Electricity prices are the 2nd most expensive in Australia.  It’s therefore important that we all use our appliances efficiently, to combat rising energy costs and to reduce your power bills in NSW. 

The Save Energy Save Money website will help you calculate the estimated annual running cost of your electrical & gas appliances from hot water systems right through to your electric carving knife!  Knowing how much an appliance is going to cost you a year to run is the first step in gaining control of your power bills.

According to NSW Goverment Hot Water Systems are the single largest energy drainers in NSW home's, it's improtant you choose and energy efficent model and operate your Hot Water System efficiently.  Click here to compare prices and check the annual running cost of Hot Water Systems.

The next step to reducing your power bills would be to ensure you are with the right supplier.  There are several comparison websites out there that you can compare prices to get the best deal.  Alternatively if that sounds like too much hassle just call your existing supplier and tell them you are thinking about moving unless you get a better deal and see what they offer you.  What do you have to lose?

Finally have you checked if you are entitled to apply for any rebates & assistance. We understand the information can sometimes be a little hard to find. The team here at Save Energy Save Money have compiled a list of some of the rebates & assistance that those living in NSW are entitled to apply for.  Check the list and see what rebates you can apply for today to reduce your power bills!

Click on the link below and check your avaliability:

Energy Rebates & Assistance

Renewable Energy Rebates

Water Rebates

Waste Rebates

Travel Rebates




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