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Most Queensland (QLD) homes actually work against the seasonal weather rather than work with it.  This means your home will either be too hot or too cold implying that there is more chance of energy being wasted in and around your home.

As such Queenslanders have a multitude of different appliances operating throughout their home. 67 different appliances to be precise, according to research conducted by Commonwealth Government, such as fans, electric heaters and air conditioners.  It’s imperative with this high number of appliances that you not only understand the annual running cost of each appliance but also buy the most energy efficient model you can afford. 

That’s where the Save Energy Save Money website can help you out as we present this information to you in an easy to understand format.  On thousands of electrical appliances from TV’s to hot water systems, to ensure you buy the most energy efficient model you can afford, check it out here.

QLD is all about outdoor living, there is so much to see and do every day that most of you will be out and about from dawn to dusk.  Ensure before you leave your house you flick that switch, as standby energy consumption can equate to over 10% of your total energy bills each year. 

Still looking for ways to save on those QLD power bills? Then check out the list of Rates and assistance that are available to Queenslanders complied for you by the Team here at Save Energy Save Money to help you reduce those power bills!

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