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Rebates & Assistance WA

Western Australia is distinctive in the quantity and variety of its energy resources and also in its distance from other energy resources and energy networks. Over the next 20 years WA’s energy systems will continue to operate largely in isolation from other energy networks.

With the population forecasted to increase over the coming years the energy networks will need to grow with the increase in demands.  This is where a balance will need to be found to ensure that we are looking to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydro to help meet the demands of the growing energy requirements.

The implementation of new networks is ultimately going to be passed on to consumers, there is no avoiding this. As such renewable energy alternatives are important as there will be an increase in the short term however you will reap the rewards a few years down the line with lower energy bills.  Not to mention the benefits of lower carbon emissions.

Although WA’s energy prices have increased, the costs are still significantly lower than the cost to supply the energy to consumers.  If you’re wondering why this is it’s because the WA government have been paying the difference, paying an estimated subsidy of $371 million in the 2012-13 financial year according to Government of WA.

Increases to your energy bills are inevitable so ensure you are aware of all the rebates & assistance you’re entitled to.  The team at Save Energy Save Money have compiled a list of rebates & assistance that you may qualify for if you live in WA, check them out from the list below:

Energy Rebates

Renewable Energy Rebates

Water Rebates

Waste Rebates

Travel Rebates

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