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South Australia's (SA) seasons are similar to that of the Mediterranean with cool wet winters, low humidity and sizzling dry summers.  With an average daytime temperature of 29 degrees in summer some days can peak to as much as 40 degrees.

South Australians can experience long periods of extreme heat so keeping cool is a must.  Most homes will have some form of A/C unit installed to help beat the heat.  Ensure that your home is using these efficiently to stop your energy bills rising with the temperature.

Set your thermostat to around 24 degrees in summer to keep your home cool. Every degree higher can increase your energy bills by 10%.  Keep doors closed on the rooms that are not being used and resist the urge to keep the A/C on all day.   

There is a myth that keeping you’re A/C on all day will cost you less to run. The theory is it uses less energy as it does not have to cool down the room it just maintains the same temperature all day therefore making it cheaper to run.  I am telling you that’s baloney, you’ll end up with huge electricity bill for the privilege of heating an empty home.

It’s nice to come home to a cool house especially if you have been braving the heat of a 40 degree day in SA. The solution is to invest in a timer and set it to come on 15 mins before you come home and go off at night before you go to bed.

The Save Energy Save Money website has been designed to help you lower your energy bills by comparing the annual running cost of thousands of electrical appliances, to help you SA make informed purchases. Check out the range of A/C’s, just one of the many electrical appliances available for your review, we have split system air conditioners, window air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Once you find the one that’s right for your home select the one you want to buy and compare prices.

Looking for more ways to save on your energy bills without having to spend a cent? Check out the rebates and assistance available to those living in South Australia, just click on the link below to confirm your availability.

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