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Rebates & Assistance TAS

Tasmania generates around 50% of Australia’s renewable energy, mainly from Hydro power stations and is now becoming market leaders in wind generators.  With cool temps in Tasmania it will help keep those greenhouse gas emissions in check by using a renewable energy sources.

However for those who can’t attach solar panels or wind turbines to their home to generate renewable energy themselves and want to reduce their carbon emissions you can use companies that use clean energy to provide you with your electricity.

A great green energy company based in Tasmania are Momentum these guys are currently powering the offices here at Save Energy, Save Money until we can install solar ourselves.  Keeping our business carbon foot print to a minimum.

Half of Tasmanian homes are powered by wood heaters which when compared to their energy efficient equivalent electric heaters can be quite costly.  Purchasing wood for your fire can sometimes cost you as much as $400 a quarter.  Compare that to an efficient electric heater and it could cost you as little as $70 a quarter.

Not to mention the benefits of being able to use timer switches for your electric heaters, setting these timers to come on before you get home or get up in the morning and turn off after you go to bed, reducing your energy consumption and your energy bills.  You also have the benefit of temperature control on A/C units & electric and gas heaters making them more economical.

 It would be a different story if however you are able to source a sustainable supply of wood from your land without having to purchase it.  Other factors such as the type of space you’re trying to heat and buying the most efficient heater for the space will affect how efficient and electric heater will operate in comparison to wood burners.

If you’re looking to buy a new electric heater make sure you check out save energy save money’s buying guide to match you to the right heater.

With rising energy bills making sure you get the best deal has never been more important, we have compiled a list of rebates and assistance that you would qualify for living in Tasmania.  Click on the links below to check them out and start saving today.

Energy Rebates & Assistance

Renewable Energy Rebates

Waste Rebates




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