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Energy efficient appliances

Electrical appliances account for over 30% of our energy bills annually.   Appliances are not simply energy-efficient because of their star ratings, but on how you use them in your home.  Currently Australian’s waste $100’s on their energy bills by purchasing the wrong appliance for their home.

New technologies are being developed which makes our reliance on these appliances ever more prevalent. This, coupled with rising energy bills means it more important than ever to use our electrical appliances efficiently.  This will not only reduce your energy bills, it also reduces the environmental impact they have on the world around you.

Here is an example of star ratings to look out for:


Australian standards are improving all the time, and as such more energy-efficient appliances are being produced.  It’s worth remembering there is no point in buying the top energy-efficient appliance if it’s not suited to your family’s needs as mentioned above.

Use our Buying Guides to help you buy the right electrical appliance for your home, this is the first step.  Then check out our hints and tips on how to use that appliance correctly to minimise your energy consumption.

Here is an example of what we mean:

Buying the most energy-efficient fridge will cost you less a year to run a year but only if used correctly.  If you buy a Fridge too small for your family’s needs it’s likely you’ll have to purchase a 2nd fridge to cope with the over spill.  In most houses this will now be the beer, I mean bar fridge.  This is then going to cost you not only more on your energy bill each month but the extra out lay on the 2nd Fridge. 

Now on the other hand if you purchase a fridge which is too big for your needs you’ll waste electricity. The fridge will never be filled to capacity and as such will need to use more electricity to maintain the temperature and keep the food cool. Therefore ensure you choose the right size of appliance for your needs to ensure you are not needlessly wasting energy.

Look at how many stars an electrical appliance has for energy and water, the more stars an appliance has the more efficient it will be.  Read our Understanding Energy Labels for more information on this.  The more stars the appliance has the more the electrical appliance will cost you to purchase up front. However it will have a lower annual running cost so over the life time of the appliance you will make your money back and then some.

Look at the example from the Save Energy, Save Money website:

You can see by running the top 2 fridges it will cost you $179.01 a year to run, if you purchase a fridge of the combined size it will cost you $99.63 a year to run, saving you $79.38 a year on your electricity bill.

There are lots of different programs and functions that affect how efficient an appliance can be.  Check the appliance has and Economy mode (eco-mode). Most appliances from TV’s to washing machines will have an eco-mode which will help reduce your energy consumption while the appliance is operating in this mode.

It’s also important to note that the appliance you are about to purchase has the programs you require for your daily use so you are not looking to other appliances to make up the short fall.  Don’t get distracted if an appliance is being sold based on the Eco-Mode alone.  Ensure you do some investigation to ensure you will use the eco-mode advertised and if not what is the energy-consumption of the mode you will use most often and then compare this with other models.

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