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Saving energy at home - Lighting

The first step to being more energy efficient around the home would be to replace out all your old incandescent bulbs.  Replace them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs, if you’re wondering which would be more energy efficient, CFL or LED, the answer would be LED’s.  Refer to the below table for further information

You can see from the below table that there will be a bigger outlay up front for your energy-saving light bulbs, however you will more than make the cost of this back over the life of the CFL or LED.  As below:

Energy Information (all energy information equivalent to a 60 watt  incandescent bulb)

incandescent bulbs



Life Expectancy 1200 hours 8000 hours 50, 000 hours
Watts 60 watts 13 – 15 watts 6 – 8 watts
Kwh or electricity used per annum (based on 6 hours per day 365 days per year) 131.4 32.85 17.52
Annual Running Cost per light bulb $35.48 $8.87 $4.73
Annual Running cost per average 3 bedroom house (based on 36 hours of illumination per day) $212.88 $53.22 $28.38
Cost per bulb $2.85 $7.90 $24.44

The average house hold above would require 2190 hours burning per year.  The Incandescent bulb would need to be replaced at least each year.  The CFL bulb would last 3.65 years and the LED bulb would last 22.83 years.  Excluding inflation you would spend $118.30 on incandescent light bulbs compared to $24.44 on a LED bulb.

Add to that the higher annual running cost and the actual cost for 1 year is below:

Energy Information (all energy information equivalent to a 60 watt  incandescent bulb)

incandescent bulbs



Total annual running cost for average 3 bedroom house  $218.58 $61.12 $52.82

Another issue with the incandescent bulbs is it creates light by running electricity through a filament, which heats up and glows white-hot.  Its energy inefficient as 90% of electricity is turned into heat and 10% into light.

Incandescent light bulbs therefore create issues in the warmer months as it generates extra heat through your house, costing you more to cool your house.

Other simple things you can do to reduce you lighting energy costs are:

·         Switch off lights in the rooms you’re not using

·         Ensure your windows are properly dressed for the season so you can maximize natural light

·         Trim back trees and shrubbery surrounding your windows during the summer months to ensure your home is always flooded with natural light.

·         Look at the wattage of your light bulbs, you don’t need a 60w bulb in every light socket and lamp, every wattage lower will save you on your energy bills.

·         Outside lights are great and these days there is such a great range of solar lights out there, they needn’t cost you a thingt to run.

Following our Save Energy, Save Money simple solutions can reduce your energy lighting bills by over $250 a year!

Save Energy, Save Money is dedicated to bringing you energy saving solutions for every aspect of your home.  Compare the annual running cost of your electrical appliance and compare prices in one convenient location www.saveenergysavemoney.com.au


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