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Living green in Summer

Living Green in Summer


Depending on where you live in Australia will depend on how sever your summer is, some have heat and a lot of it, yes Adelaide I am talking about you, others have monsoon seasons where is rains nonstop for weeks.  No matter what weather pattern you’re in store for SESM are here to help you with some friendly advice on how to cut your energy bills and save you money.  Resulting in you having a very sustainable summer.

Begin your day by dressing for the season you’re in, if you work in an office and need to wear a suit think about dressing in layers and clothes you can easily slip on and off as you enter and exit the A/C.  Layers are always a good idea this time of year as it may be a little crisp in the morning however it will soon heat up by mid-day. 

During the summer months, it’s not just your energy bills that will rise, your water and fuel will also increase.  With a bit of planning we are here to help you reduce those bills and take the heat out of summer. 

Your body needs about 2 weeks to acclimatize to new temperatures, ensure you choose organic cottons or bamboo clothes, breathable fibers are one of the keys to keeping you cool.

Avoid too much activity during the middle of the day, exercise and do your heavy chores first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon.  The Spanish have the right idea having a siesta in the middle of the day to take advantage of early mornings and late evenings. I think we could all use a nap after lunch as well!

Before you hop into bed have a cool shower this will help bring your core body temperature down before you hop into bed.

Choose cotton or bamboo sheets in your bed, light colours are always coolest during summer, black silks are very romantic but they won’t keep you cool at night!

When you’re up and about schedule your day around spending the hottest parts in public spaces that are cooled, this might include doing your shopping or visiting the cinema.

When you are stuck at home or the office there is always the temptation to crank the air con, before you do here are some steps you can take before turning it on:

1.       Shade any north or west facing windows, the sun beating in on your window can generate the same amount of heat as a heater.  Either invest in curtains or plant some shrubs or trees to provide shade.

2.       Consider adding shade or awnings to your home to add extra shade on cool days

3.       Open your windows and let the cool breeze into your home at night and in the morning, then lock everything down and trap that cool air down when it starts to heat up.

4.       Seal up gaps and cracks if you can feel cool air coming in the hot air is escaping, living in rentals can be tough however you can still use draft excluders to trap the air out.

5.       Make sure you up switch out your old incandescent light bulbs as these will generate heat unnecessarily, LED’s cost a fraction of the price to run and generate 80% less heat.

6.       Install celling fans or buy a pedestal fan, sitting under a fan can make you feel up to 5 degrees cooler.

7.       Consider insulating your home, stop that hot air sneaking in.

8.       For those days when the heat is relentless keep the fans running and the house locked down and set you’re A/C unit to a cool 24 degree’s.  Every degree higher will cost you on your energy bills.

9.       Invest in a timer switch so you don’t leave your air conditioner running unnecessarily, that way you won’t fall asleep with the A/C unit and you can set it to come on before you get home from work, negating the need to leave it running all day.

10.   Remember and get your A/C unit serviced every year to ensure it’s operating to maximum efficiency, otherwise you will be burning electricity needlessly.

Before you buy an air conditioner ensure you buy the right size for your home or you’ll end up over working the appliance and reducing its life span, check out Save Energy, Save Money’s buying guide here to ensure you get the right A/C unit for your home.

Make the heat work for you, use the suns rays to dry your clothes, it even has natural bleaching properties, so hang out those whites and keep them bright.  Wash all your bulky blankets or just hang out the dogs bedding to give it a freshen up.

Get out and about, cooking inside will only add to your home cooling bills, hit the beach and take an Esky with some snags and chuck them on a BBQ.  No washing and no added heat to your home it’s a win win! 

Having a pool is great but it can be costly, especially at this time of year with little rain and lots of heat it will drive up your water bill.  Invest in a pool cover and reduce evaporation, if you have the space install a rain water tank it will be good for your garden and to replenish your pool.

The garden takes a pounding during the hotter months, ensure you mulch as it will help retain water and as it breaks down and provides much needed nutrients to your garden. 

Wash your car on your lawn and use chemical free cleaning products and your car will be cleaned and your lawn watered 2 birds with one stone.

We hope these tips keep you cool this summer, if you have any summer tips you would like to share with us please email one of our team on enquiries@saveenergysavemoney.com.au




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