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Living green in Winter

Living Greener in Winter


Winter in Australia means something different for everyone, the state you live in will dictate the severity of the weather you must prepare for.  Winter is one of my favorite months, you can snuggle up to love ones under a doona or cozy around an open fire.

How you look at winter will also largely affect how green you can be.  Those who don’t wish to brave the cold for winter walks or adventures will spend a lot more time indoors increasing your energy bills, as such one of my first tips would be:

  • Get out and about, rug up and enjoy a winter walk when the weather is favorable.  This is a great way to stay fit and healthy and better still its free, enjoy nature and save on your energy bills, what could be better.
  • Rugging up would be your next step, ensure you dress for the season, jumpers, socks and hats will keep you toasty warm when the mercury starts to drop.  Don’t break your budget and buy a whole new wardrobe, instead live more sustainably and visit your local op shop, you’ll be surprised about what you can find.  Failing that if you do feel the need to splurge on something new ensure you invest in sustainable clothing.
  • Now your appropriately dressed and planning on spending the day at home ensure you regulate your homes temperature, keeping your thermostat at a warm 18-20 degrees on A/C or Electric / Gas heaters, will help keep those energy bills cool, every degree warmer can raise your heating bills by 10%.
  • Once your set up at home, block off a room, you don’t need to heat your whole house just the room you’re planning on sitting in.  Get the family together in the one room and enjoy some family time, play board games and have a bit of old school fun.  Having everyone in one room can raise the temperature of the room by 5 degrees, great excuse to have a party right!
  • Ensure you open curtains and blinds when the sun is shining, let the heat of the day in and warm the room naturally, when the sun starts to set close those blinds and trap that hot air in.  Ensure your windows are appropriately dressed, if you need to buy some 2nd hand curtains for winter, try not to focus on what they look like just think of how cozy they will make the room!
  • Baking a roast for dinner in the oven is a good way to heat your home on a cold day, not to mention the yummy treat for your tummy when it is cooked.  If you have solar maximize your baking and cooking by doing it in the middle of the day.  Be frugal with your food, make a menu plan a shopping list each week.  Buy from local farmer’s markets, try an avoid the big super markets.  Make double when cooking and freeze enough for a 2nd meal another day, this will reduce your energy cooking bills.  What I like to do in winter on a cold day is spend the day baking and cooking ,it keeps the house nice and warm and you can freeze lots of yummy treats for weeks to come.
  • When heading out we all like to come home to a warm house and it may even be tempting to leave A/C units and heaters on.  Please don’t do this as its not only a fire hazard but a massive waste of electricity.  If you are concerned you can do a fire safety audit here. Instead you can buy heaters and Split Air Conditioners with built in timers that allow you to set the time you want the heating to turn on and off.  Increasing its efficiency, you can compare all the top models with Save Energy, Save Money here.  These days a lot of timer switches come with an app that allows you to turn it on and off from your phone, very sexy when it comes to conserving energy!
  • Waking up in the morning can sometimes be hard to do and while standing under a hot shower might be temping this will just rack up your hot water energy costs, jumping out the shower and standing under a heat lamp will achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost.
  • The winter sun is still a powerful solar dryer, just because its winter don’t become reliant on your clothes dryer, there are lots of ways to dry your clothes inside on clothes horses.  Or use your dryer wisely, dry your clothes outside and pop them in the dryer for ten min’s at the end of the day to finish them off.  To freshen up the load try dropping in a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  • Turn off all your appliances at the end of the day or before you leave the house, if you see a blinking light or digital clock it’s costing you money on your energy bills.  Standby consumption costs the average house hold around $120 a year.  Invest in something simple like a Eco Switch you can find it on our green products page.
  • Ditch the car on short journeys and cycle or walk, if you can use public transport wherever possible, trains and bus are much better on the environment and your hip pocket.  When car journeys are unavoidable try carpooling with someone or combine the trip and get 2 jobs done at once, this will help reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • Give yourself an energy audit, do you have a 2nd fridge sitting empty do you need to replace you old incandescent bulbs or perhaps you have a really old appliance running inefficiently, if that’s the case it might be time to buy a newer version if it can’t be fixed.  If that’s the case visit our website here and ensure you compare prices and the annual running cost to get the best deal from one of our trusted suppliers.
  • If you are spending a lot of time indoors this winter, you may wish to buy a humidifier.  The reason being; you’ll be inside with the windows closed and the heating on which can make the air extra dry, a humidifier is a good investment as it will add some extra moisture to the air (as will hanging your wet washing around or adding some house plants and regular spraying them).  Humidifiers can keep your family healthier relieving symptoms of cold and flu’s.


We hope these tips will get allow you to have a greener winter and also save you money, do you have some winter tips you would like to share with us all, if so please email one of a friendly team at enquiries@saveenergysavemoney.com.au




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