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Building and Renovating

When you’re looking to save energy around the home and buy new energy efficient appliances, the best time to do this is usually when you are building or renovating.

It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to design your whole home including ensuring that your home can provide you with maximum comfort all year round without the energy price tag.  Ensuring that you benefit from passive cooling techniques is just one step in the process.   Before you make any decision ensure you do your research.

Look at all the products on the market and buy the most energy efficient options available to your budget.  If you can install solar panels or solar hot water it will help keep your energy bills low no matter what decision you make on heating and cooling.

If you get a little overwhelmed with all the different heating and cooling options available to your home consult an expert, talk through with them what you want.  They will be able to advise you what is the best path to take in your climate and budget.

One thing you always need to include are celling fans with a reverse function, they are your cheapest cooling option and when used in reverse can help heat your home by pushing all that warm air down!


Before you begin any renovation take the time to think about your design, map it out and discuss it with friends and family.  Preferably someone with renovating experience.  The more time you put in now the less unexpected issues that will arise.  Issues mean more $$’s and if you’re on a tight budget it can break the bank. 

You might be adding value on to the house however don’t rely on your bank to keep giving you cash as your expenses increase, unfortunately the bank won’t always agree with you when it comes to the finished product, they may even de value your home if they come out and the job is unfinished.

Make a plan, and plan a little extra fat into your budget this should hopefully cover any additional expenses that come up.   When you’re planning if you don’t know anyone with renovating experience consult an expert, it’s worth spending a little extra now to avoid unexpected costs down the line.

Consulting and expert will give you the lay of the land, they will be able to tell you any council restrictions or in the case of asbestos how to remove it safely etc.

Use energy efficient appliances

Building a new home or renovating an existing home provides a perfect opportunity to install a range of energy efficient appliances. Compare efficiency of appliances at  Saveenergysavemoney.com.au!  Buy the most energy efficient appliance that your budget will allow, don’t just consider the upfront cost of the appliance work out the life time cost to ensure you get the best deal your budget will allow.


The layout and design of your home is so important, you want to ensure you can take advantage of winter sun to warm your home naturally and summer breeze to cool your home in summer.  All these factors need to be considered when you’re at the design stage.

Planting trees and shrubs around north facing windows can provide much needed shade in summer and can be trimmed back to let the winter sun in, give the same amount of attention to the outside of your home as you do to the inside of your home, it makes a massive different.

Using certain paints and tiles that reflect the suns heat in summer can help keep the temperature of your home down lowering your cooling costs.

Plan your outside area with care ensure that any children’s play area has plenty of shade, and your entertaining area has the appropriate insulation this will make it a usable space all year round.

Veggie patches and fruit trees play a major role in most Aussie back yards, think about what you like to eat and what you want to grow so you can position your garden where it will get the right conditions and flourish.

Good luck with your renovation, we would love to hear how you got on, or do you have tips to share with fellow renovators?  Feel free to email us and let us know, Happy Renovating!


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