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Reduce your energy bills

Reduce your energy bills

Energy bills are on the rise and until more push is moved into renewables this won’t change anytime soon.  This gives everyone the opportunity to look at their energy bills to see where they can cut costs. Luckily there is plenty you can do to reduce your bills that won’t cost you a cent and without over complicating your life to much.

Every household has their own set on needs. The best place to start is by understanding how much energy you use each day and which energy saving actions will have the biggest impact in your home.  Know the energy consumption of your appliances which will help you grasp when your energy is being used. 

Use the below tips to gain control of your energy usage:

·         Save Energy Save Money compare the annual running cost of thousands of electrical appliances, everything from your washing machine through to your heated towel rail.  Simply put the model number into the search bar and we will do the rest for you.

·         You can always monitor your electricity meter to see how much energy you are consuming, check out our blog post Managing Your Energy Usage for a how to on this.  Once you know your consumption you can then take steps on how to reduce it. 

·         Next shop around for a new energy supplier there is always a better deal to be had out there, use a comparison website to see what’s on offer and if you don’t want the hassle of moving supplier simply call your existing supplier and tell them you are thinking on moving to another supplier and see what they offer you.

·         Check the state of all your appliances, especially ovens, fridges and freezers, if the seals are broken then they will not be working at their maximum efficiency.  Get your air-conditioners and other appliances serviced regularly, this will ensure the appliance runs efficiently for its life span.

Now you’re on the best deal and know what you’re using its time to know when to use your appliances.  It’s different depending on how your energy is delivered to you:

Solar – Those lucky enough to have solar panels need to operate their appliances during the day when the UV is at its highest, this is usually between 10 and 3pm.  Investing in timer switches for appliances such as pool pumps is a great energy saving gadget.  Some timer switches come with APPS that allows you to turn them on and off via your phone.

Grid Electricity – Those who have grid electricity should when possible operate your appliances during your off peak tariff, you can learn more about when your off peak tariff here Understanding Your Energy Bills. Alternatively, just call your energy supplier and they can give you that information.  These times are usually very unsociable hours, unless you are a night owl timer switches would be a good investment for you.

Finally, use your appliances efficiently, you can buy the most energy efficient appliances known to man but unless you use them wisely you’ll still blow out your energy bills.  Here are SESM’s top 10 energy saving tips that won’t cost you a cent:

1.       Wash everything in a full load, stack that dishwasher full and ensure your washing machine is full before turning it on.  If you find your current machine is not big enough or too big you might want to consider switching to an appliance that suits your lifestyle.  Before you rush out and buy and new washing machine or dishwasher use our buying guide to match you to the appropriate appliance.

2.       Operate your thermostat at a warm 18 degrees in winter and cool 24degrees in summer every degree higher will cost you up to 5% on your heating and cooling energy bills.

3.       Around 30% of your hot or cold air can seep out your windows, ensure your windows are suitable dressed and close off curtains to trap in your warm air in winter and to stop the sun heating your room during summer, during summer open up those windows to let the cool night breeze cool your home.

4.       Use shrubs outside your windows they will provide shade during summer and can be cut back in winter to let the winter sun warm your house naturally.

5.       Hot water is one of the biggest energy drainers in your home.  Wash your clothes in cold water and use low flow shower heads.  Don’t stand under your hot shower to warm up in the morning, instead invest in a heat lamp it will cost you a fraction of the cost on your energy bill.

6.       Standby consumption can cost you up to $120 a year on your energy bills so ensure you turn everything off at the wall.  If you can see a blinking light it’s costing you on your energy bills.

7.       Ensure your fridges and freezers are fully stoked empty spaces use more energy to keep cool.  You can fill up empty spaces with Tupperware.

8.       Use your solar dryer or a close horse when its wet.  You can still finish your clothes off in the dryer for a few minutes with a little essential oil to freshen them up.

9.       Switch out any of your old incandescent bulbs for a more energy saving bulb you can see how much you can save here.

10.   Dress for the weather, cool clothes in summer and warm in winter. For the in between months’ dress in layers so you can strip off or add on when it cools down.  Grab a blanket when you’re by yourself or invest in an electric blanket or heater throw to keep you warm without having to turn on your heating.

We hope these tips help you reduce your energy bills, for any questions or tips you would like to share please contact one of our helpful team at enquiries@saveenergysavemoney.com.au



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