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Understanding Energy Labels

We all know that greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment and the gas and electricity that we use to run our household appliances increase’s your homes carbon foot print.  This is why it’s important that you understand not only the amount of energy your appliances use but also how to buy an energy efficient appliance.

The save energy save money website can do most of the work for you, we calculate the annual running cost of thousands of electrical appliances and give you the ability to sort by energy star ratings or cost.  You can take it a step further by understanding the energy labels on your appliances, choosing energy efficient appliances will help you keep your energy bills in check as well as reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Most home electrical appliances sold here in Australia have an Energy Rating label, this label allows you to compare the ratings with other appliances giving you the opportunity to buy the most energy efficient appliance available in your budget.  These labels are not only great for customers but are also great to encourage manufactures to improve the energy efficiency of their appliances. A Gas Rating Label can be found on gas space heaters, ducted heating, and gas water heaters.

With a better energy label a higher price tag will usually follow, don’t be alarmed as a large portion of the time buying the more energy efficient appliance can end up saving you money on your energy bills over the life span of the appliance.  Ensure you check the annual running cost of the appliance on the www.savenergysavemoney.com.au website to ensure you are calculating the life time cost of the appliance this will give you a better reflection of its true cost.  Some appliance however will still be a little on the pricey side however give it time, sometime the technology just needs a few years to come down in price.  This is especially the case with Heat Pump Dryers when they were first on the market their cost out wayed any saving on your energy bills however over time this is becoming lesser the case.

Electrical appliances

Energy Rating Labels are on all TV’s (imported since August 2009), air-conditioners, clothes-dryers, dishwashers, washing-machines and most fridges-freezers. There is also a voluntary energy rating labelling program for swimming pool pumps.

There are two label styles: the normal six-star label and the super-efficient ten-star label for appliances rated as seven stars and higher.

  • The more energy stars indicate that the appliance is more energy efficient, you can compare to more models and model that has the most stars are the most energy efficient.
  • The energy consumption is an estimated amount that your appliance will use that year under specific conditions, you can check out the exact specifications on the Energy Rating website.
  • Ensure that you compare TV’s of the same size and features to ensure that you get a like for like comparison.


Gas products

A Gas Energy Rating Label can be found on Three household products: gas space heaters, ducted heating, and gas water heaters (storage and instantaneous). There is currently a voluntary gas labelling scheme.

  •  With Gas the same applies, the more stars the more energy efficient the appliance is the only difference is the energy rating is in MJ (megajoules) per year instead of KWH.
  • The star rating gives a quick assessment of the model's energy efficiency. The more stars, the more efficient the appliance is compared to other models in that category.
  • The energy consumption figure gives you a gauge on how much energy the appliance will use in a year, the lower the energy reading the less energy the appliance will use.


Appliances without star ratings

You can either find the information you need on appliances without star ratings on the  www.saveenergysavemoney.com.au  for products not available on our website, simply enter the products model number in the search bar and one of the help team at SESM will attempt to source the information for you.  This information will then be uploaded onto the SESM website for you to review.

Energy ratings are not the end of the journey, there is no point in buying an energy efficient appliance if you don’t use it efficiently, you can check out our green living section to find out more tips on operating your appliances more efficiently.  Even if your budget doesn’t allow for the most energy efficient appliance you can still operate your appliances in a way to keep your energy prices down.

Check out when is best to operate your appliances, if you have solar use your appliances during the peak sunlight hours and if not ensure you know when your off-peak energy rate is, usually during unsociable hours, ideally with any purchase look for an appliance that comes with a timer allowing you to operate the appliance at any time of the day or night.  Alternatively, you can buy a timer switch that you can plug in with your appliance.


by YourEnergySavings.gov.au and via SESM


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