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Cycling must be one of the best forms of transport it’s great for your health, keeping fit helps you stay healthy even extending your life and it’s efficient it won’t cost you a cent to run.  Fun fact regular cycling can give you a BMI age 10years younger!

Don’t think just because you cycle it’s going to make your journey last longer, in fact it can make your journey shorter and less stressful.  You get to avoid the traffic jams and finding a parking space is never an issue.  Around 70% of journeys are less than 5kilometers which shouldn’t take you longer than 30mins from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short trip swap for the car for the bike it will lower your carbon foot print.

Motor bikes are more efficient than cars, however bikes trump motorbikes every day of the week and with a bike you won’t ever have to pay for parking.

Who knows over time you might find that you can even switch that 2nd car for your bike.



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