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Driving tips

How to Drive Your Car Sustainably


Side view of a car with grass on it

Driving your car sustainably is not just good for the environment it’s good for your back pocket.  Save Energy Save Money have compiled a list of tips to help you drive more sustainably, after reading these tips you will be able to:

Ø Save Fuel and reduce emissions

Ø Drive your car in a more sustainable way

Save Fuel and reduce emissions

Car with exhaust fumes coming out the exhaust


You might think that it will be hard to do however in reality its achievable, and not to taxing.

Here are our top tips to drive greener and save money:  

  • Drive smoothly, avoid flooring the accelerator and breaking hard.  Excessive breaking and acceleration uses more petrol and wears out your car faster
  • Change Gears, driving in higher gears is more efficient, when possible move into a higher gear and use less petrol when you’re driving
  • Wait till it heats up, when it’s cold your car uses 20% more petrol, avoid short journeys where possible as your car won’t get the chance to warm up!
  • Switch It Off, as with most things turn it off when not in use or when stationary and avoid chewing through petrol unnecessarily.
  • Reduce the load, the more your car must tow the more petrol it will use to get you to your destination, ensure you empty the boot after each journey.
  • Get your car serviced regularly, its recommended that you get your car serviced every 15,000 K’s.  Keep everything working efficiently and will prevent big issues building up.
  • Kick it Regularly, check your tyres regularly ensure they are properly inflated and don’t require attention.
  • Accessories Rack up the petrol, driving with roof racks or towing bikes will cost you more in petrol to drive your car, take them off when not in use.
  • Carpool, carpool with someone else or combine tasks to do everything on one journey.
  • Air Conditioning, hot or cold costs you on your fuel consumption, only use it when needed the rest of the time turn it off.
  • Drive responsibly, driving at high speeds increase your petrol consumption, be sensible and stick to the speed limits.
  • Opt for Public transport, Cycle or walking, and do your suburb a favor and keep those emissions to a minimum.

Looking for more tips on driving sustainably then check out these 10 driving hacks from Bright Side…

Electric Cars & Hybrids

Electric car being charged

Another great way to lower emissions and save on fuels is buy and electric or hybrid car.   Electric cars are great however Australia has a lot of work to do to catch up with the rest of the world.  These cars come at a pretty hefty price that might not be in everyone’s budget just now.

Hybirds are more affordable and still contribute to greener driving, they are a great way to drive cheap and green 😊.

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