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Motor Transport

Let’s face it, if you want to drive a sustainable vehicle you need to buy and electric car. Why? Firstly, they are cheap to run, having an electric vehicle (EV) costs around a third as much per kilometer as buying petrol from the same vehicle.

If you’re looking for a calculator to see how much buying and electric car will save you here is a nifty calculator you can use.  There are several out there you can use if you don’t find this one suitable.  The benefits of an electric car don’t stop there, these cars are cheaper to maintain as they have less moving parts as their petrol count parts.   Due to the fact they have no expensive exhaust systems, or starter motors, fuel injections systems and radiators it makes these cars easy to service with little cost or repairs needed.

Not only that but some states will even offer you rebates for buying an EV, in the ACT EV are exempt from stamp duty, they also receive and $100 rebate on registration fees each year.  What would be the last benefit??? They are better for the environment and your health!  Less exhaust fumes means less air pollution, meaning cleaner air. 

These cars use a renewable source to fuel the car making it the best way to travel.  However as with all things green they tend to start off with a price tag that’s not always within everyone’s grasp, the price will come down as more manufactures jump on the EV band wagon.  Keep in mind without demand they won’t be produced, the more noise you make about them the more they will become available in your price packet.

For those driving petrol cars or motorbikes that use fossil fuels to power their engines, you know they are producing lots of emissions affecting the air we breathe and the environment around us.  Did you know that cars and motorbikes contribute to 80% of the carbon monoxide in city’s around Australia?  It’s not just the air we breathe being polluted it also affects the water we drink and flushes out to our oceans resulting in it impacting our food change with the fish we eat.

If you’re asking yourself how it can affect all these areas, think of all the storm water that runs through your roads out to our water ways and then the ocean taking with it all the pollutants from the roads.  Not to mention the wildlife and plants it effects on the way.

Even the production and servicing of these cars and motor bikes have an impact on the environment as they rely heavily on nonrenewable resources and fossil fuels.

That said using these cars and motorbikes are unavoidable for most people so what can you do to reduce your environmental impact and save some money?

  1. Take public transport where possible or car pool – this will reduce emissions and save you money by reducing your petrol costs.
  2. Drive your car efficiently – don’t floor the accelerator gradually increase your speed keeping your revs down and save on fuel.
  3. Switch the car for your bike or a walk and get fit at the same time.
  4. Walk the kids to school instead of driving and beat the car pool!
  5. Use the A/C only when needed to help reduce your fuel consumption while the car is running.
  6. Take the car half way on your journey and get public transport the rest of the way or walk.
  7. Avoid driving to get lunch, bring your lunch from home and you’ll have a double saving here, save on fuel and save on your lunch money.
  8. Plan your trips so you can complete multiple tasks at once, saving you must make multiple journeys.
  9. Find out if someone else is going to your destination and see if they can pick up your item for you.
  10. Finally, do less instead of hitting the town why not try some R&R and curl up with a good book and glass of vino at home, this is hitting the trifecta for saving mind, environment and cash!

Hope these tips help you to keep your motoring costs down and don’t forget to drive safe!

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