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Public transport

Train pulling into an Australian train startion

An easy way to reduce your carbon foot print and save some cash is to use public transport.  Buses, trains and ferries are accessible to everyone, even if you live too far from your choice of transport to walk you can drive to the bus stop or station and jump on, leaving your car there.

You’ll save on petrol and the frustration of driving through peak hour traffic, use the time to get lost in a book or catch up on your favorite show on your tablet.   You will reach your destination quicker and less stressed, not to mention you reduce your impact on the environment!

Why use public transport?

Using public transport reduces the number of cars on the road helping to keep noise pollution and congestion down.  By reducing the amount you use your car it in turn will need less maintenance reducing its running costs.  In some circumstances where you are a 2-car family you might even be able to ditch the 2nd car.  Imagine the saving’s from this, it could even pay for your next family holiday.

The more people that use public transport will push the government to invest more in sustainable transport throughout villages and cities.  Making cities car free will help reduce air pollution and smog, making these crowded areas more pleasant to spend time in no matter what time of day it is.

What if I don’t live near public transport?

Northen Rivers Carpool

Look out for these signs or jump online and look for local carpooling groups.  Carpooling is great, not only can you save on petrol and other car costs you get to socialize all the way to work or Uni.  These groups also give you the added security of a safer journey as everyone is registered online making it safer to trust a stranger 😊

Book Ahead

Public transport is a particularly effective choice when you have the flexibility to book in advance and take advantage of the special deals that most bus and rail companies offer.

Do your neighborhood a favor and ditch the car and use public transport you’ll save on fuel and help the planet breathe a little easier.

Need more convincing on why to use public transport then listen to what these students have to say, they are trying to save the world by convincing you to use public transport and their argument is convincing!

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