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When you make the decision to travel under your own power, you're making a healthy choice.

Walking is a great way to improve your fitness. It also benefits your community because you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air and noise pollution.

It makes good sense to walk instead of using your car for short journeys. The least fuel efficient car trip is a short one.

If you have children at primary school, you could find out if their school has a walking school bus where a group of primary school children walk with two adults to and from school.

Start walking

You may want to walk all the way to where you are going, or combine walking with public transport.

Brisk walking is an excellent way of getting your 30 minutes exercise per day. If you walk to and from work, you might not need to make extra time for exercise.

Walking helps prevent cardiovascular disease. There is a strong link between walking and reduced rates of obesity, adult-onset diabetes and osteoporosis. Walking can also improve your sense of wellbeing.

Walk with your children

Walking means you get to be active with your children and it's a great way to replace the car trip to school and back. Active children tend to be more healthy and have fewer weight problems.

Children who walk to school or to the local shops can gain important life skills. They can be learning how to find their own way around and becoming comfortable and safe in public places and near roads.

by YourEnergySavings.gov.au and via SESM.



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