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Living green in Summer

Posted on Feb 26 2017

Summer can mean higher electricity bills, increased fuel costs and not to mention all the money you spend on your summer fun.  Save Energy, Save Money have put togther these tips to help you save not only on your energy bills but on your everyday life.

These tips will help take the heat out of those summer energy bills while giving you and alternative to sitting in the air-con at home.  Get fit and helathy this summer by getting out early morning or late evening and making the most of the cooler tempreatures, when the mercury spikes take advantage of other peoples air-con and visit your local shopping centre for a cool walk around :)

For more tips on living greener this summer and to save on your energy bills check out Save Energy Save Money's Living Green in Summer page.

For most during the summer season Air-Conditioners are unavoidable so ensure you compare the annual running costs as well as a price comparison of the more energy-efficient Air-Con with www.saveenergysavemoney.com.au

Don't worry if Air-Conditioners are out of your reach we also compare prices and energy cost on all type of fans, fans should always be your fist cooling option as they are cheap to buy and cheap to run.

Stay cool Australia!



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