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Induction Cooktops - Ranked By Annual Running Cost

Natural Gas - Natural Gas costs calculated at average gas tariff of 4.5 cents per megajoule.

LPG Gas - LPG Gas costs calculated at average of 5.4 cents per megajoule.

Electricity - Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 35 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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Induction Cooktops

The difference between induction cooktops and electric or gas stoves is that they work by heating a cooking vessel with induction heating as opposed to infrared radiation in electric stoves or a gas flame for the traditional gas stove. They have become very popular in the last decade due to the ease of cleaning and streamline design among other benefits. They can however be energy guzzlers. By comparing different models right here you can save nearly $300 a year in running costs.


Save Energy Save Money

It seems like the pile of bills never goes away, and just keeps growing. All you can really do is try to keep the dollar amount of the bills down. Energy bills are usually the top offender and the main cause of bill shock, that’s where we come in. Save Energy Save Money is here to give you the power to control your energy bill, keep that money in your pocket and work towards to more sustainable future. Compare everything you need to know from running costs, star ratings and prices.


Compare Induction Cooktops and Save

Do you like flushing money down the toilet? In our opinion that’s what you’re doing if you don’t compare running costs of induction cooktops. From this page you can see that different types of induction cooktops really vary in running costs. If you want to save hundreds of dollars a year off your energy bill then compare right here. Short list products and compare their running costs. Once you have settled on an efficient model click on compare prices to get a great deal. 


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