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LPG Bottled Gas Cooktops Ranked By Annual Running Cost

Natural Gas - Natural Gas costs calculated at average gas tariff of 4.5 cents per megajoule.

LPG Gas - LPG Gas costs calculated at average of 5.4 cents per megajoule.

Electricity - Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 35 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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Annual Running Cost
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LPG Bottled Gas Cooktops

When it comes to stove tops gas is certainly the preferred option for most people. This is mainly due to the instant and even heat it produces. However not everyone is connected to natural gas. If this is the case for you then LPG bottled gas will be your option. LPG Gas is more expensive than natural gas so it is more important than ever to compare running costs to ensure you are getting most efficient model that suits your needs. Compare all shapes and sizes from all of the top brands including Fisher & Paykal, St George and more. Comparing LPG Bottled Gas Cooktops can save you over $100 a year.


Save Energy Save Money

We are here to help and to answer those questions that have been quite hard to find the answers to in the past. In fact that is where the inspiration of the website came from. One of the Save Energy Save Money co-owners was shopping for a new air conditioner. He was researching prices, however knowing that they are energy guzzlers was trying to find information on running costs. He searched and searched and couldn’t find any information. Then the idea for the website was born. For the first time you now have one location where you can compare prices and annual running costs of all of your electrical products. While you are here saving money check out our Green Living section and Buying guides to get completely informed before you buy.


Compare LPG Gas Cooktops before you Buy!

Unsure what cooktop suits your needs and your budget? Compare every type from all of the top brands in our user friendly comparison tables. Once you have found the model for you that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg in running costs compare prices so you get the best deal possible!


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