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Oven Cooktop Combinations Ranked by Annual Running Cost

Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 27 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Usage is defined by these criteria

Save up to
$ 501.84 a year

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Cost Per Litre Capacity(L) Cost Per Hour Annual
Running Cost
Add to Compare   From $677.00
$3.68 66 $1.56 $242.88
Add to Compare   From $607.00
$4.57 55 $1.61 $251.30
Add to Compare   From $689.00
$3.82 66 $1.62 $252.00
Add to Compare   From $499.00
$4.06 63 $1.64 $255.51
Add to Compare   From $1155.00
$1.36 74 $0.64 $259.04
Add to Compare   From $1315.00
$1.36 74 $0.64 $259.04
Add to Compare   From $507.00
$3.94 66 $1.66 $259.72
Add to Compare   From $606.00
$3.94 66 $1.66 $259.72
Add to Compare   From $647.00
$3.94 66 $1.66 $259.72
Add to Compare   From $901.00
$4.00 66 $1.69 $263.94

Oven Cooktop Combinations

It can be very cost effective to purchase an oven cooktop combination rather than buying the oven and the cooktop separately. However you need to be aware that combination ovens can really vary in energy consumption and running costs. By analysing running costs of Oven Cooktop Combinations you can save around $300 a year. We have all shapes and sizes and all popular brands including Westinghouse, Smg, Euro, Delonghi and many more.


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Compare oven Cooktops and Save Money

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