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Bar Fridges - Ranked by Annual Running Cost

Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 27 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Bar Fridges 0 - 115 Litres

Usage is defined by these criteria

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$ 84.51 a year

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Star Rating Annual Running Cost
Add to Compare   From $2781.00
130 130 NP $33.21
Add to Compare   From $237.00
50 0 50 $39.42
Add to Compare   From $506.00
115 130 $44.82
Add to Compare   From $239.00
75 75 $49.41
Add to Compare   From $309.00
75 12 87 $50.76
Add to Compare   From $394.00
115 115 $51.30
Add to Compare   From $539.00
110 110 $51.30
Add to Compare   From $528.00
110 110 $51.30
Add to Compare   From $546.00
110 110 $51.30
Add to Compare   From $272.00
100 100 $55.08

Bar Fridges

It sits out in the garage or in the den, out of sight and out of mind, but all the time you’re not using it a bar fridge is ticking away on the meter adding extra dollars to your energy bill. Because of this it’s important to buy the right bar fridge in the first place, and Save Energy Save Money is where you’ll see the real differences between brands. We’re Australia’s first site to compare electronic product prices and annual energy consumption, and when you see the comparisons you’ll be surprised at just how much you can save.

Keeping your beer cold is important, even more important is getting the right fridge to house your beers, use our buying guide to help you make the right selection.

Save Energy Save Money

Save Energy Save Money is committed to helping consumers make more informed choices, and with that in mind our website compares popular brands of household electronics including fridges, washers, dryers, Tvs, heaters and air conditioners. But we don’t just compare prices between retailers, we also compare the annual running cost of each brand, which in the case of bar fridges can differ by almost as much as $50 a year. So whether you’re looking to save money or to help the environment by reducing your household energy output, we’re here to help at Save Energy Save Money.

Find the Bar Fridge that’s Right for You

Our website compares all the top brands of bar fridges, from Haier and Westinghouse to Delonghi and Husky, and lets you decide based on price, availability, star rating and annual running cost. So to find the best bar fridge for your needs, click Compare Prices and Save Energy Save Money right now.


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