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Kogan 21 in 1 Multi Cooker

KACKR4LMLTAA - dgm_5079

Add to Compare   From $69.00
Add to Compare   From $134.00
Add to Compare   From $129.00
Add to Compare   From $229.00
Add to Compare   From $97.00
Add to Compare   From $379.00
Add to Compare   From $109.00
Add to Compare   From $109.00
Add to Compare   From $55.00
Add to Compare   From $399.00


Multifunctionals are the best appliance to have since they do the entire job that needs to be done inside the kitchen.  An all-in-one freestanding machine that lets you grind, chop and blend speeds up the cooking. It is a versatile tool for the passionate cook in the kitchen because it has a variety of different functions.

The trend for multifunctional appliances is garnering so much attention but this great tool can be expensive and you’ll end up frustrated when you pick the wrong one. That is why Save Energy Save Money is here to rescue you from useless purchases that you could make.

Save Energy Save Money

Save Energy Save Money is a website that guides you in purchasing a product with high energy rating. This will save you a lot of money over a lifetime. In addition you’ll make a choice that is better deal for the environment too.

We love to serve you better by giving out authentic facts about your most needed kitchen equipment. We feature brand comparison based on price and yearly energy cost. At Save Energy Save Money you’ll be happy with your chosen appliance.

Buy the Multifunctional That’s Right For You

Inside the kitchen space and time is restricted, as such a smart combinations of microwaves, toaster ovens, food processors which also perform a variety of blending and chopping tasks can be of great tool.

If you’re interested in buying a multifunctional kitchen equipment find out how Save Energy Save Money can save you money on purchasing the finest multitasking machine.



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