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Desk Lamps Ranked By Annual Running Cost

Natural Gas - Natural Gas costs calculated at average gas tariff of 4.5 cents per megajoule.

LPG Gas - LPG Gas costs calculated at average of 5.4 cents per megajoule.

Electricity - Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 35 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Usage is defined by these criteria

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$ 23.65 a year
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Annual Running Cost
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Energy Saving bulb Running Cost Non Energy Saving Bulb Annual Running Cost
Add to Compare   From $335.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $111.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $184.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $303.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $303.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $172.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $172.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $285.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $161.00
$11.83 $23.65
Add to Compare   From $274.00
$11.83 $23.65

Desk Lamps


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