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Stick Blenders Ranked by Annual Running Cost

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Electricity - Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 35 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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Bamix Classic Hand Blender Magic Wand Black

7bacl140bk - 7121962,CAM7BACL140BK

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Stick Blenders

Immersion blenders or popularly known as stick blenders are a kitchen tool to puree food or mix ingredients in the basin where the foods are being prepared. Sometimes known as hand blenders, barmixers and wand blenders, they are utilised for emulsifying sauces and pureeing soups. Some stick blenders could be utilized while a wok is on. Stick blenders are well-known from food processors and blenders.

Stick blenders have been in use in Europe by professional chefs. But now you will find this extremely useful appliance in most homes.  Models for residential use normally have a beam of 10 to 12 inch, but models are on hand for experts with a beam up to 2 feet.  These are accessible in cordless and corded version.  So make sure you do your research before you purchase. Save Energy Save Money has done all of the research for you, compare all of the top brands right here.

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