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60 inch Television Ranked by Annual Running Cost

Electricity costs calculated at average electricity tariff of 27 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Usage is defined by these criteria

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$ 131.49 a year

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Star Rating Annual Running Cost
Add to Compare   From $1795.00
Smart & 3D 60 inch $82.08
Add to Compare   From $2497.00
Smart & 3D 60 inch $90.45
Add to Compare   From $2574.00
Smart & 3D 60 inch $92.34

Samsung 60 UHD LED TV

UA60KU6000 - UA60KU6000WXXY

Add to Compare   From $2053.00
Smart & 3D 60 inch NP $131.49
Add to Compare   From $1247.00
Smart & 3D 60 inch NP NP

60 Inch TV’s.

These are great for so many rooms.  The 60 inch is still a massive unit that can please and impress everyone.  There are all the bells and whistles worked in and you can enjoy social media, online media even downloaded movies.  The best brands have spent years pushing the envelope to pack all of this in the largest package without killing you on the electric bill.  We have done the research and these are the TV’s for you.


Save Energy Save Money

Save energy save money is the top company out there doing what we do best.  What is that?  Finding you the highest level of energy saving on the brands you know and love.  We have the experience and the knowledge and we are here for you 24 hours a day.


Save on 60 Inch TV’s with Save Energy Save Money

You need to look at these because they are truly the best of the best TV’s out there.  We love the way that you can enjoy so many types of media.  These are the TV’s that we saw in science fiction growing up and here they are, just for you.  Check them out and you will never look back.  Your family will be glad you did.


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