Reasons A Screen Door Will Improve Your Home

When you talk to a person looking to buy or build a new house, they will talk about the floors, the bathroom, cabinet and cupboard space et cetera. But no one will ever mention a screen door or a window shutter even though these are the first impressions you get about a home. Yes, I included roller shutters because they will be prominent in the rainy and stormy seasons. So, let us look at some of the reasons screen doors and roller shutters are important to your home.

  • Making a great first impression.

The first thing someone will notice about your home is your screen door and maybe even your electric roller shutters if it is the rainy season. There is an age old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and a screen door does exactly that. You could customise your screen doors and window shutters to catch people's attention. It might be a minor detail but having screen doors and shutters that fit well with your home's colour scheme will make an incredible impact on your home.

  • Improved ventilation

Screen doors are ideal for you if you are looking to have plenty of fresh air in any given room while keeping said room closed off from the outside. An area that has particularly hot summers such as Melbourne would call for as much ventilation as you can possibly master in the home. A sliding screen door from Screen-Doors can help you maintain a well ventilated home which can reduce energy costs and prevent it from being overly humid in the home. The growth of mould due to lack of air circulation and moisture would not be an ideal situation for people with certain health issues.

  • Keep pests at bay.

Pests are a real nightmare but more so during the hot summers. Even though fresh air is much sought after, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs are not welcome indoors. Sliding screen doors are fitted with a fly screen that keeps bugs out while letting the fresh, clean air into the room. The fly screen also keeps off such debris as leaves and twigs which would otherwise make their way indoors on windy days.

  • Added security measures.

Screen doors, even the sliding ones are incredibly safe for your home because they come in various sizes and can often be customised to your specification. you could even install extra locks if need be. Good screen doors may look weak but they are made of high quality steel which is not easily breakable. Electric roller shutters also come in various high quality material keeping your home's access points safe. While wooden screen doors are also an option, it would be a good idea to have a steel (plain or galvanised) or aluminium frame particularly if you live in the city or an area whose security is questionable.

  • Screen doors can fit various frames. So, it does not matter if you have a hinged door or a sliding security door like this one, whatever your design needs, aluminium security doors can be customised to to your needs to provide you with exactly what you want. You can have the door installed at the front or back entrance as well to match your security, design or even ventilation needs.

So, having said all this, it would be advisable to say that the next time you go house shopping, take your time to look at more than just the interior of the house. The exterior also matters a great deal and whether we like it or not, a home’s exterior does a lot to improve or tank the overall sale value.