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Electric Heaters

Even in our sun burnt country the heater gets a good workout in the winter months. Electric Heaters are one of the biggest culprits to the increased winter energy bill. Save Energy Save Money has done all the research for you so you can find out the true energy consumption between different types of heaters. We give you all the information you need on fan heaters, panel heaters, portable heaters, wall mounted heaters, tower heaters, column oil heaters and outdoor patio heaters.

Still not sure which electric heater you want to buy?  Check out our buying guide to help you narrow down the search.

Save Energy Save Money

We have analysed and researched energy information on over 30,000 electrical products. Our research team has then spent countless hours converting that energy information in to an annual running cost. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to reading and understanding wattage or star ratings on electrical products. There is one thing that everyone can understand, and that’s money. An annual running cost is relative to everyone and really makes energy consumption tangible. We believe that your money is better in your pocket than the energy companies, so compare and save today.


Take the Heat Out of Your Energy Bill

By comparing the annual running cost of electric heaters you can save hundreds on your energy bill. We’ve done all the work for to make your buying decision as easy and painless as possible. Have you ever wondered if column oil heaters use more energy than portable heaters? Find out now, by using our add to compare function. Once you have found the right heater for you simply click on compare prices so you get the best deal possible.


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