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Gas Heaters

With the price of gas rising the way it is gas heaters are not always the cheapest option anymore. Make sure you are completely informed when comparing gas heaters to electric. We have all types of gas heaters to compare, LPG or Natural gas Convection Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Portable Heaters, Flued Space Heaters, and Inbuilt Heaters. With so many choices make sure you take advantage of the work we have done for you and use our comparison tables.

Need more information before you commit to buy?  Then check out our buying guide today.

Save Energy Save Money

Whether it’s Gas Heaters, Electric Heaters, Washing Machines, Fridges, TV’s or popcorn machines we’ve researched them all! Save Energy Save Money is the first website in Australia to give you, the consumer, all of the information you need on an electrical product before you purchase.  We’ve analysed the energy information on over 30,000 products and converted that information in to an annual running cost. Say goodbye to energy confusion and hello to savings!


Compare and Save on Gas Heaters

Make sure you are getting all of the information before you purchase a heater. Heaters account for a very large portion of your energy bill. With so many electric and gas heaters to choose from having all of the information at your finger tips gives you a great advantage. Narrow down your selection of heaters to a short list, then simply click on the compare products tab to compare annual running costs. Once you have found a heater that is efficient and is the right size for your situation click on compare prices to ensure you also get the best deal possible.


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