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Printers & Copiers

There are thousands of options of printers to choose from, and choosing the right one for your situation and requirements can be tricky. Do you need a multifunction all-in-one printer or just a laser printer? Save Energy Save Money has all the brands you are after, Samsung, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Kyocera and more. The running costs of printers can be significantly different, for example the difference between all-in-one printer running costs can be up to $130 a year. So make sure you are informed and get all the information you need before purchasing.


Save Energy Save Money

In an Australian first we give you the only website where you can not only compare prices from online retailers you can also compare annual running costs of your home electrical products. We pose the question to you, what’s the point of buying a printer that will cost you twice as much a year to run than another that works just as well? Get informed, so you can not only know you are saving money on your energy bill and getting the cheapest price, you are also reducing your carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.


Compare and Save on Printers & Copiers

We’ve done all the research for you. By comparing printers and copiers you can save hundreds off your energy bill. It’s as simple as comparing our printers & copiers’ annual running costs. Once you have found a suitably energy efficient product, click on compare prices to get the best deal. If we can help you save energy and money then we are happy that we are all building for a more sustainable future.


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