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It might surprise you that there is a lot of savings to be made by comparing running costs of rangehoods. There is a lot to choose from so comparing your rangehoods can save you hundreds of dollars. We provide you with all types including Canopy Rangehoods, Retractable Rangehoods, Fixed rangehoods, Island Rangehoods, and Upper Cupboard Rangehoods. With over 20 of the top brands to peruse including Bosch, Delonghi, Electrolux, Omega and many more.


Save Energy Save Money

As Australia’s first and only energy and price comparison website we are providing you with something that has never been done before. Some might even say all of the info has been hidden from you, until now. You have a right to be completely informed before making any purchasing decision. We give you that right and provide you with everything you need to know to feel comfortable you’ve made the right decision. Compare annual running costs and prices so you save energy and money.


Compare Rangehoods and Save Money

If you would like to suck the air out of your energy bill, comparing rangehoods will certainly help. Compare rangehoods from different categories depending on what you require to make your perfect kitchen. Compare annual running costs and prices to ensure you get the best deal you can. We are here to help Australia. 


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