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Separate Freezers

A separate freezer is a great idea because it allows you to buy in bulk and save. But while it’s keeping your food cold, it’s also ticking away on the electricity meter. So wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a freezer that could save you up to around $150 a year on your energy bills? You can at Save Energy Save Money! That’s the difference between the running costs of an average chest freezer and an energy-efficient model, and at Save Energy Save Money we show you the annual running costs of all the popular brands of chest freezers, upright freezers, bar freezers and integrated freezers.


Save Energy Save Money

At Save Energy Save Money, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to make the best buying choices. We’re an independent website that is completely impartial, and the information we display is from appliance tests based on an average electricity tariff of 27cents/kilowatt-hour. So whether you’re looking for the best price or wanting to reduce your household energy consumption, Save Energy Save Money can help.  


Compare and save on your next freezer

We compare all the top brands including Haier, Westinghouse and Miele, and it’s easy to see which models represent the best overall value. Just scan down the tables until you find a model with lower running costs and then compare the prices being asked by various retailers. We believe that once you find your first bargain with us, you’ll be using us for all your major purchases in future, so compare and save right now at Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s best and only product price and energy consumption comparison website.


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