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Massive TV’s

The home cinema is getting a lot more popular as the price of going to the movies is getting ridiculous. So people can really justify getting a massive TV in their house. Of course though, the bigger the TV the bigger the energy bill. When purchasing TV’s of this size it is imperative to analyse and research the annual running costs, as it can be the difference of up to $500 a year in energy costs. Our massive TV’s range from 60 inch to 84 inch, we have all types from LCD, LED, Plasma and Smart 3D TV’s, with all the popular brands. Compare now and save.

Save Energy Save Money

We see it as our job to provide you with all of the information you need to become completely informed before making that purchase. Yes, we all want to save money on energy bills but we are in a society that is growing in awareness to reduce our carbon foot print. It’s not just about us anymore, it’s about future generations, and the responsibility we have to ensure their quality of life. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint we are here to help you do it. We are the first and only website where you can not only compare product prices, you can also compare all energy information including running costs on all your electrical products.

Analyse Massive TV Energy Information to Save

If you love having the ultimate set up in home theatre yet also love saving money you’re in the right place. Compare multiple sizes of massive TV’s to ensure you are not only getting best price, you’re also purchasing the most energy efficient TV that won’t break the bank in energy costs. Get informed and save today. 


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