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Medium TV’s

Medium size TV’s range from 28 inch TV’s to 42 inch TV’s and are the most commonly purchased. They suit many households as they are not too big or not too small. When buying a TV it is very important to do your research as just a few inches difference in size can make a difference to energy consumption and in turn a difference to the weight of your back pocket.


Save Energy Save Money

Our motto here at Save Energy Save Money is, Huge Savings, Simple Solutions. And that’s exactly what we have aimed to do. Provide you the consumer with huge savings in a platform the first of its kind that gives you the simplest solution when researching energy consumption and annual running costs for all of your home electrical products. We are here to make your shopping experience as simple as possible, and to provide you with all of the questions around energy consumption that in the past have been impossible to find in the one place.


Compare Medium TV’s to Save Energy and Money

Picking the right TV can be a tough decision. If you like to be fully informed before purchasing then we are here to help you. Compare all different types of medium TV’s from different categories using our add to compare function. Once you have all of your selected TV’s in the comparison table analyse the annual running costs, star ratings, and TV types. Once you have chosen the right model for you, click on the compare prices tab to select the cheapest price from a great selection of online retailers.


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