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Popular Sizes

Did you know that there are almost 100 different sizes when it comes to TV’s? We have done a lot of research to figure out what the most popular and common sizes of TV’s are. Now you don’t need to search all categories you can simply choose from the 7 most popular sizes in Australia here. From our research the top TV sizes are 24 inch 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 50 inch, 60 inch and 65 inch.


Save Energy Save Money

What separates us from other comparison websites you ask? There is a lot! Save Energy Save Money is the only comparison website that ranks products based on their energy efficiency or price, products are not ranked by who ever pays the most to get the top position. We are also the only comparison website that allows you to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of electrical products and of the product price as well.


Compare Popular Sizes of TV’s and Save

If you’re interested in researching before you buy to get all the answers then you’re in the right place. Find the size of TV that you’re looking for by comparing different models, sizes and types. Once you have analysed the TV sizes and their associated running costs compare prices so you get the best deal possible. We’ve done all the research for you, so take advantage, get informed and compare and save today.


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