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Small TV’s

Although these days we love our massive TV’s there will always be a place for small TV’s in our houses. If it’s for the bedroom, study or some people even have them in the toilet! Even though they are small, they can make an unwelcome contribution to the energy bill and some of them can be a lot less energy efficient than others. So it still very worth your while if you want to save money, to compare annual running costs of small TV’s. Our small TV’s range from 16 inch through to 26 inch.


Save Energy Save Money

Here at Save Energy Save Money we believe that shopping and convenience should go hand in hand. We have created the first of its kind platform where you can get all of the information you need before making a purchase. No more going to a few different websites to get all the information you need. We bring you a one stop shop for all of you home electrical products. You can compare anything from prices, annual running costs, and star ratings. Huge savings, simple solutions.


Compare Small TV’s and Save

Have you ever wondered what the running costs and price differences are between different types and sizes of TV’s? Wonder no more, with just a few easy clicks you can compare different types of televisions of all shapes and sizes. Don’t just stop at comparing prices, why not compare the annual running cost between a 16 inch TV and a 24 inch TV? The results might surprise yu and more importantly, save you money.


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