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TV Types

The Television is now the centre piece of most living rooms. The size and type of television that you buy is very important to get the most out of your space while trying to keep it as energy efficient as possible. TV’s account for a large portion of the electricity bill as they get used a lot. Plasma TV’s are generally the least efficient, however they are slowly phasing out for the newer LED and LCD models. We have provided all the info you need for all shapes, sizes and types. By Comparing you can save hundreds off your energy bill.


Save Energy Save Money

Comparing prices is just not all we need to think about with energy prices the way they are. The running cost of a product can be double the purchase price just after a couple of years. By switching out an old appliance for a new energy efficient one can start saving you money after just one year. Save Energy Save Money is here to give you all of the information that has previously been very hard to find. Energy star ratings are great, however they can be confusing. Putting all energy information in the form of an annual running costs is a language that everyone understands and something that can be compared.


Compare Types and Sizes of TV’s

Find exactly what you’re looking for in a TV right here. If you are unsure what size of TV you want or if you want a LED, LCD, Plasma or Smart 3D TV just compare them here. It’s as simple as picking different typed and sizes you would like to shortlist by using the add to compare function. Once you have your product in your own table compare running costs and then compare prices.


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