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“Fantastic website!  Easy to use and a great source of information on appliances and energy savings tips.  With the rising cost of power, running cost has become just as important as the cost of buying.  I’ve used ‘SESM’ for comparisons on several products and will use them again for future appliance purchases”.

N. Furey-Ward


"I recently moved in to a new house. We needed to get all new appliances and I got them all through your website. I just got my first electricity bill and you have saved me hundreds! And I got great prices. Thanks so much!"

Nadine Tamehana


"This sight has been a god send. Saved us all the run around with checking pricing and energy efficiency, means a lot to be making a difference with our energy consumption, not just for our bills for our environment also. Thanks, keep up the good work."

Nicole Tronc


Thank you Save Energy, Save Money!

We recently moved house to a much different climate and when we received our first energy bill I was shocked! Apart from the great energy saving tips, SESM's suggestions on the savings you can make through certain appliances have certainly made a difference to our back pocket!

We have now purchased a house and I will be calling on SESM once again to help navigate the best products to save us money and be more aware of the environment when making our purchases.

A great website to confer with especially in this day and age where being energy conscious need not break the bank and being environmentally aware need not be messy or convoluted - they've made it so easy!

Rebecca Giono

Central Coast, NSW

We have just finished off our new build. We needed to get all new appliances for our house. We got all of them from Save Energy Save Money. By researching everything from our washing machine to blender I reckon we have saved thousands off our annual energy bill. We love this website and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to save money. 

Laura & Dave Johnson

Dulwich Hill

What a great site guys, thanks so much for the info, i just bought a wahing machine.  I bought a slightly more expensive one now i know i can save on my energy bills.  I'll be using your site to buy all my kitchen and laundry appliances.

Sarah Livingston


Top site, and an extra thank you for sending me the information on the Fridge Freezer i bought that wasn't on your site.  Appreciate the extra effort and speedy response :)


Wow what an amazing site, i just bought a washing machine from your site and wanted to email you to say thanks for putting this info down in terms i understand, i don't get the whole Kwh and how that affects me so have never really bothered.  Now i can see how much something will cost me on my energy bills, amazing guys keep the info coming i am sure something else will break soon!



Thanks SESM you have saved us $$'s on our energy bills, it was great to have one place i could compare all the information i needed before i bought my kitchen appliances.  You guys rock!!



I stumbled on your site and was blowing away by the info, i had no idea how much a fridge cost to run per year.  Its really opened my eye's to my energy usage.  I ended up buying a fridge from your site which was a little more expensive, but i am looking forward to a lower energy bill.  Thanks SESM!

Janis Manly Syd


Thankyou SESM i had no idea this kind of information was out there, bravo to you.  Its a bit tough trying to make sense of the energy information out there i really have no idea, thanks for putting it in a way even i could understand!

Billy Black 

After my last electricity bill i was frustrated i though i was doing all the right things, then i stumbled on your website and was able to see what my appliances were sapping, i had no idea!!  I havent used your site to purchase anything yet but when i need to buy and new washing machine etc you'll be the fist site i visit.  Thanks for the help so far its been an eye opener!!

Janet & June


You guys are amazing i just used your infomation page on how to read your energy bill and it's exactly what i was looking for, so helpful couple that with all the info on how to reduce your energy bills and i am in heavan at the moment.  A little overwhelmed and not really sure of a good starting point but i am sure i'll work that out as i read on.  I just checked the energy usage on my fridge, it would seem that was a good purchase (although thats not what i was focused on at the time) anyway i am waffling as usual.  

Thank you and keep the energy saving information flowing!!

Happy Nanna :)

Your amazing, a big thank you to the wonderful Julie who helped me work out why my energy bills were soring out of control.  The answers were so obvious i feel silly that i didn't work it out myself.  A quick 5min chat with Julie helped me close the door on my energy lekage, i was ready to replace my appliances thinking they were broken when it was just the way i was using them.  I feel a little sheepish i didn't look into it more, and thank you Julie making me more energy efficient :)



I have been reading your blog for sometime and didn't realsise that I could use your site to shop for appliances too, i just bought myself a colum oil heater and now i know how much it will cost me to run.  Usually i get a little overwhelmed with shoppinjg website's but found yours so easy to use.  Thanks for creating such a great website, i'll be back when i need to buy my next electric appliance!!



Thank you enquiries  team, i just bought a heater that heats my living room perfectly, thanks for helping me find the right heater for my home!

Joan :) 

I bought the perfect heater thanks to your buying guide and now i can track how much energy its going to use.  You guys are amazing keep up the good work of helping Aussies keep their energy bills in check!!!!

Happy Customer Tugan :)

Your website is great! Saved me buying a 2 star rated washing machine! 

Darie Hau

Wow this is amazing i didn't even think about energy cost when buying my fridge, thats guys instead of buying a smaller fridge with the water dispernser i was able to upgrade to a bigger fridge with a higher star rating.  Now to go shopping to fill the fridge.

Asis VIC

Lily Barc

You guys are amazing i just had my new A/C installed and usually i buy the cheapest as i am poor :( however i went with a better model to keep my energy bills down.  I know it sounds silly but i didn't even consider how much it would cost to run!  Thanks guys keep up the good work!

Perth WA



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