What Are French Doors?

French doors can undoubtedly add beauty to your home. A French door is mainly made of glass, and the glass is sectioned into panels. There are a host of reasons why French doors are so popular.

Being made of glass, French doors allow natural light into your home, and you have a clear view outside. But why are they called French doors? This is a question many people ask. Yes, French doors originated in France, and that is why they are called French doors. But there are some other things to know.

It was in the mid-17th century when French doors originated. It was the height of the Renaissance, when new ideas were developing in architecture and art. In the beginning, French doors were used not as doors but as large windows. Later, there were some modifications of these windows.

The Renaissance changed the taste of the people. In the 17th century, more and more people were using glass in their architecture. With the passage of time, the modified glass windows became doors and were known as French doors. This era saw a lot of emphasis on light, thanks to the Roman architecture.

Due to the availability of more light, people could keep their homes well-lit for a long time. French doors, including modern sliding French doors such as the ones found here provided adequate light to halls and other large rooms, and these doors became very popular with new architects around Melbourne.

Originally, wood and wrought iron were used to craft these windows. But over time the windows became more elaborate. With the rise of their popularity, other countries in Europe began to use these doors. By the end of the 17th century, these doors were widely used in England and Italy.

Today, if you want to buy French doors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although they can be used in any area of your home, they are better suited to outdoor areas and balconies.

Aesthetic appeal is perhaps the best reason why French doors are so popular. But there are other strong reasons of their popularity. Architects and home owners love these doors because of their classic and elegant look. Whatever your reason is for choosing these doors, you will never repent the decision. After a few years from now, you will look back and be proud that you ever made this decision.

If your home is traditional, rustic and shabby, French doors can make a difference. The distinct look of French doors is indebted to the lower rail’s width and thickness. The symmetry and proportion contribute to its beauty.

Since their inception in the 17th century, French doors have come a long way. Now when we hear the term “French door”, we think of a patio door made of glass. However, there are different styles known as French sliding doors, French out-swing and French in-swing. Some are with and some are without grid patterns.

There are some other things to consider. If you have a smaller space, you should choose a one panel door. To make your space well-lighted, you can use these doors alone or along with sidelights. If you are interested in energy efficiency then you should consider double glaze windows, if you take a look at this website then you will see that double glazed doors and windows offer noise reduction and thermal efficiency while still allowing sun light to enter.

Energy efficiency is another great aspect of French doors. You will find French doors designed for your local climate. If you live in a cold region, you can add additional glazing to your doors. In hot climates, these doors will keep your space cool. When it comes to keeping a comfortable temperature in your home, French doors are more efficient than older patio doors.

If you want to embrace indoor/outdoor living, French patio doors can help you. If you have to spend a significant span of time in the kitchen, you can simply add a patio door to your kitchen. French doors can make your home look special in myriad ways. You just have to make an informed decision and choose doors that add beauty to your home.